About US


We joined together with our young, dynamic and expert team under SKP Sistem Kalip to contribute to the developing Turkish Industry and Mold sector.

SKP Sistem Kalip Parlatma company was founded in 1993 in Perpa Trade Center to make mold polishing. In time, the company began to import products on mold polishing machines, polishing equipment and standard mold components upon request and support of our clients. SKP was the first company to make contract welding with cold welding machine in Turkey. Our company aims for customer satisfaction at constant priority with its 14 expert personnel on Mold Polishing, Technical Materials sale and cold welding.

We are constantly renewing our technology and reinforcing our staff in terms of mold polishing. Therefore we do our best to personally attend all mold exhibitions in the world as visitors. We are sharing with our customers all the products and technological novelties we find in the exhibitions. We are making joint R&D works with Göding and Hotec, which are the biggest polishing companies in the world. Our goal in terms of polishing machines and equipment is to provide you quality and a lot cheaper Products and to import them and provide them for your use in Turkey no matter what brand of the world it is. In our sales office in Perpa Trade Center, you will have the opportunity to find all the brands of the world in terms of polishing equipment and standard mold components in the same place. We are providing service with all sorts of ultrasonic, electronic, electrical and air polishing machinery in our mold polishing workshop. Any kind of forklift and conveying means for mold transportation and shipment are available in our polishing workshop.

Our goal is to provide you with special solutions using the newest technologies for doing it better every time. Our goal is to enable you to utilize the manufacturing speed, quality standards and cost saving values of the polishing technology.

We hope that your works and our friendship will be as bright and clear as the molds.